akwa music 05 Shiva & the Destroyer Casa Banchel 2023
akwa music 05 Shiva & the Destroyer Casa Banchel 2023

Shiva & The Destroyer is the ethereal parallel identity (seventh astral level of the M'Lu-Chi scale, beta incarnation) of the Krautjazz group C.A.R. from Cologne-Berlin. Their creative crucible melds the essence of ancient mysticism with the avant-garde spirit, invoking the very essence of Kabel (energetic conduits), Kostüme (metaphysical attire), and Klangschalen (resonating vessels).

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Within the chronicle of cosmic happenings, the impending arrival of the debut EP, titled "Casa Banchel," marks a significant juncture in the astral narrative. Set against the backdrop of the impending equinox, this celestial offering shall grace the resonant ethers of Planet Akwa, a locus of convergence for multidimensional harmonics. The EP shall unveil itself as a sonic tapestry, interwoven with threads of interstellar nostalgia, each track a portal into alternate states of consciousness.

Shiva & the Destroyer photographed by Stefan Braunbarth

Furthermore, the cosmic dance of creativity extends its tendrils into the ever-shifting continuum of sound, as the renowned maestro Christian S lends his mystical touch to remix one of the tracks. This remix shall be akin to a sonic mandala, a spiraling vortex of sound that transcends the boundaries of time and space, beckoning listeners to traverse the inner landscapes of their own psyche.

Christian S photographed by Alessandro Ruggieri

As the stars align and the cosmic symphony unfolds, Shiva & The Destroyer beckons the seekers, the dreamers, and the wanderers to partake in this odyssey of sound, to embrace the enigmatic and the nonsensical, and to dance upon the threshold of the unknown.

In harmony with the release, a limited art edition of printed tea towels featuring Anna Haifisch's captivating cover artwork transcends the visual realm, intertwining tactile and auditory enchantment in a synesthetic tapestry of sensory alchemy.