*akʷā edition 01 Mary Herbert
At the Centre 2021

4-colour Risography,
printed by
Earthbound Press
in London, 2021
14 × 14 cm
(on 24 × 32 cm sheet)

In response to the sound of *akwā’s first release ‘Galera EP’ by Johannes Klingebiel & Julian Stetter, the artist Mary Herbert created the cover artwork for the record as well as a limited printed edition. At the Centre pays tribute to the EP’s production, continuing the artist’s ‘exploration of memory and sensation’ which shift ‘between the recognised and the unknown’. 

Smoke Dream, soft pastel on paper, 16 × 31cm, 2020

Mary studied art at Goldsmiths College in London, where she developed a fascination with the materiality of the photographic image and it’s unreliability as a container of memory, and later at the Royal Drawing School where she re-connected with the physical and unconscious aspects of image making through drawing.

Snake at Night, soft pastel, on paper, 19 × 13cm 2020

Mary's work will on view in London, UK, at Lychee One through to March 2021 and at Studio0 in St Moritz, Switzerland, through to April 2021.

*akʷā editions 01, Mary Herbert, At the Centre, 4-Colour Risography, 2021

Every print is signed and numbered on the back by the artist and comes with a matching certificate of authenticity. All prints are shipped with care from the UK.

80% of the profits from the sale of the prints will go to Mary Herbert and the musicians in equal shares. *akwā will invest the remaining 20% to fund future productions.

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Special thanks to The Framing Room, London for the beautiful frame (please note editions are sold unframed).