akwa edition 02 Tina Kohlmann
Ousia 2021

hand-bleached pillowcases
edition of 35
various colours
100% heavy cotton
50 × 50 cm
(does not include pillow)

In response to *akwā’s second release ‘Elektronik / Erlösung’ by the kraut jazz group C.A.R., artist Tina Kohlmann created the cover artwork for the record as well as a limited edition. Ousia is a series of hand-bleached pillowcases in various colours, all taking you one step closer to the EP’s eponymous redemption – set and setting, here we go.

Bright Green

Dark Green



Bright Blue

Dark Blue

Dark Grey (sold out)

Light Grey (sold out)

Rosa (sold out)

All pillowcases come with a signed, folded poster and are shipped from Berlin.

If you'd like a specific colour, please DM us on Instagram or send an email to info@planet-akwa.com and we'll make sure you get the one you want.

Order via our Bandcamp shop here.

80% of the profits from the sale of the edition will go to Tina Kohlmann and the musicians in equal shares. *akwā will invest the remaining 20% to fund future productions.

Photography by Jose Gomez, Berlin.

'Elektronik / Erlösung' B2 (50 by 70cm) in a secret lab, Berlin. Photo: Jose Gomez

If you missed Tina's most recent exhibition at PPC in Frankfurt, read her conversation with gallery talk here, or travel back in time and read her conversation with Passe-Avant here. Tina doesn't just make mind-bending sculptures, she also creates textiles from another world, have a look here.

Alteration of the Gap, 2020, Styropor, Achat, Polymer Gips, Epoxy Knetmasse,  Glasfaser, Holz, Lack, Pigment, Silikon, Schweißdraht  225 x 188 x 47cm