akwa music 02 C.A.R. Elektronik / Erlösung 2021
akwa music 02 C.A.R. Elektronik / Erlösung 2021

On “Elektronik / Erlösung” the Cologne-based kraut jazz group C.A.R. plunge deep into their collection of synthesizers, tape delays and space echoes to take a journey inwards in the form of two extended improvised musical pieces. 

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The title track starts off as an exercise in musique concrete, slowly and steadily pulling the listener into a dizzying vortex of sound and noise, until eventually finding sonic redemption in an extensive percussive spaced-out coda.

C.A.R. Photo: Frederike Wetzels

Second tune “Quintessenz” is no less immersive, wandering through soothing drones of sound, keeping the listener captivated by its constantly evolving flickering synth sounds and vocal melodies, subtly building in complexity and urgency as it evolves.

Limited edition pillowcases by artist Tina Kohlmann

In response to *akwā’s second release ‘Elektronik / Erlösung’ by the kraut jazz group C.A.R., artist Tina Kohlmann created the cover artwork for the record as well as a limited edition. Ousia is a series of hand-bleached pillowcases in various colours, all taking you one step closer to the EP’s eponymous redemption – set and setting, here we go.

'Elektronik / Erlösung' B2 Poster. Photo: Jose Gomez

If you want even more Kohlmann's in your home get yourself a copy of the 'Elektronik / Erlösung' Poster, now available in our merchandise section.