akwa music 03 Elisa Metz Three Wands 2021
akwa music 03 Elisa Metz Three Wands 2021

Elisa Metz is a Cologne based artist focusing on transmedia composition, performances and installations, such as the self-built glass instrument Nine Wands (2020).

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For her Planet Akwa Ep release Three Wands (2021) the artist selected a red, green and blue wand, using its pitch as a starting point for the three atmospheric evocative and ambient tracks.

Elisa Metz photographed by Frederike Wetzels

Listening to the pitch of the enchanted bell-like glass sounds has evoked catchy melodies inside the artists mind, which were then recorded as sketchy voice samples. Percussive timpani sounds were then pitched in tune of the wands, accompanied by contrasting areal drone sounds, recorded with accordion, e-bow on e-bass, and organismic synthesizer SOMA Lyra-8.

akwa edition 03 'Illuminant D65' by Timo Lenzen. Photo: Philotheus Nisch

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