*akʷā produces, publishes and promotes new music and visual works.

*akʷā music will be available on most streaming platforms.

*akʷā acknowledges streaming is the best way to get music into people's ears, yet not great for getting €£$ into musician's pockets (read more about streaming royalties here, here and here).

*akʷā seeks new ways of funding to get musicians and their collaborators paid.

*akʷā is doing this through an editions programme, merchandise and *akʷā paradise, a subscription programme, launching soon.

*akʷā is not for profit.

*akʷā is a collaborative effort by Lorenz & Johannes Klingebiel and Julian Stetter. 



You can reach *akʷā via email on info@planet-akwa.com

All *akʷā sales are organised through the amazing Bandcamp.

You can stream *akʷā music on all platforms, just search for 'akwa' or the artist you'd like to listen to.

You can also stream our music, mixtapes and radio shows on Soundcloud, follow us on Instagram and subscribe to our newsletter.



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